Top 5 Video SEO Optimization Tips | Rank Business Videos On First Page

October 23, 2018

Top 5 Video SEO Optimization Tips | Rank Business Videos On First Page

Video is a powerful medium, attracting 3 X  monthly visitors to the websites. With demand for video marketing on the upswing, it’s important that people are able to easily find your video content. That can be accomplished through Video SEO optimization techniques and tips.


Video SEO Optimization


Understand The Importance Of  Video SEO Optimization

Consider some of these below mentioned statistics:

  • Google is the world’s largest search engine,
  • 67% of all online searches are through Google
  • 94% of all mobile and tablet searches are through Google
  • The second largest search engine is YouTube, which is owned by none other than Google.
  • More than 91% of the videos that are returned through a Google search come from YouTube.

Simply put, Google promotes its own product hence; when you select a video marketing company hence; you need one that understands how the search engine giant works.


How Video SEO Optimization Impacts Google Ranking Of Your Videos 

YouTube alone has over a billion users across continents consuming content in 76 different languages. Its reach is enormous.

Video is the go-to, easy to consume, preferred form of content for many people. According to research by Hubspot, 62% of people thoroughly consume videos, and 53% people expect more video content from any platform.

Internet video traffic is expected to grow four times and constitute 81% of ALL consumer traffic by 2021.

With so many people watching videos all the time, aided by mobile phones and ever-developing tech and techniques therefore; video content is bound to surge your overall brand image to the top of the search results page.

The ease, accessibility, and immersion of video means that people spend a longer time watching content that you produce. So; if you can make an engaging video, people spend more time on your webpage. Therefore; increasing the what is called the ‘dwell time’.

More dwell time directly translates to Google recognizing your video and the page it’s featured on as something of value. Therefore; the more dwell time you have, the better your pages will be ranked. Hence; the inherent engaging qualities of video also means that it has an astounding worldwide audience penetration.

Top 10 Video SEO Optimization Techniques

  • Research video-related keyword phrases before optimizing and categorizing video files.
  • Always include user-friendly, keyword-focused meta data in all video files.
  • Name the video with appropriate SEO keywords, when applicable
  • Give video search engines easy access to your videos and video clips
  • Organize video content by file format
  • Cross-link to other Web pages containing similar video content
  • Create a video library or catalog
  • Improve video quality
  • Watermark and/or brand your video content
  • Submit and distribute your video files to video search engines and video-sharing websites

Top 5 Video SEO Practices For Getting Higher Up The SERP

1. Make Short Videos
Aim for 1-2 minute videos.  You can easily shoot up to 4 minutes, but anything after that means you will start losing significant viewership.

2. User Experience Should Be A Priority
No matter what, when thinking about SEO and your video content, the focus should be on the user experience. Therefore; designing to optimize for search engines is important.

Therefore; it’s likely that the elements search engines look for in digital content are only valued because they’ve learned that’s what users want to see.

3.Custom, High-quality Thumbnails
Make custom, high-quality, topical thumbnails that catch the eye. Click-bait thumbnail images might net you immediate views, but are bad for your reputation in the long run. Furthermore; you can even include text to give some context for the viewer.

4.Focus On Mobile Optimization
Mobile optimization is no longer just a part of video SEO; it is the central focus.

2 years ago, mobile video viewing surpassed desktop viewing, and the gap only continues to widen. Although; desktop video remains a key aspect of driving traffic, your video SEO campaign will die if it isn’t mobile optimized.

5. Social Shareability and Multi-platform Hosting
More platforms mean more reach. Make sure your content is omnipresent. Hence; upload your videos to YouTube, Wistia, Facebook, Twitter. Furthermore; you can make it viral from your own hosting platform, or cross-share between all the other platforms to ensure your video content is always there when needed.

SME Networks has a team of video specialists that can help you with all things for successful video marketing campaigns. Get in touch for Explainer Animation & Whiteboard Video requirements.


October 23, 2018

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