Top 5 Facebook Marketing Tools To Get More Leads & More Business

October 31, 2018

Top 5 Facebook Marketing Tools To Get More Leads & More Business

Don’t you wish to expand your user base? Don’t you want that your brand reaches to wider audiences? Facebook marketing tools can help you do that.

Facebook with its increasing user base everyday, it has reached over 3 billion monthly active users. But, the real power to understand is what those users are actually interested in? What triggers their interests and on what basis they respond? What grabs their attention and what gets them engaged? Facebook marketing is not a new thing, and today every entrepreneur is reaping the benefits of using Facebook advertising.

But, have you got beyond the usual Facebook marketing? Ever thought of using Facebook marketing tools for your business? If not it’s time to.


facebook marketing tools


Facebook ad cost actually turns out to be 28% cheaper than Google’s. No wonder, why businesses of all sizes are interested in doing Facebook marketing campaigns.

Below listed are top Facebook advertising tools that have been widely used and appreciated by various digital marketers and business entrepreneurs.

Facebook Marketing Tools To Promote Your Business


1. DrumUp

This is one of the best Facebook Marketing tools that have gained a lot of appreciation.

It is a combination content marketing and social media tool that helps you find the most appropriate and effective content topics your audience would appreciate. It functions as a content research and recommendation tool, in addition to giving you key insights about your social media strategy in general.

DrumUp helps you manage Facebook marketing with ease. It has a smart workflow which enables you to review, create, optimize, and publish posts on your profile pretty quickly.

Scheduling posts is easy. You can customize your posts with @ (handle mentions, emojis, hashtags, and GIFs.) Furthermore, you can track and measure Facebook engagement with its intuitive and deep social media analytics.

2. LikeAnalyzer

Take the guess work out of your Facebook strategy – Likealyzer’s recommendations will point you in the right direction. This Facebook advertising tool has been appreciated by many as it helps you to measure and analyse the potential and success rate of your Facebook Pages.

It analyzes the full Facebook page, identifies problem areas, what you’re doing well, the most successful types of posts and the most successful times of day to post based on your specific fan base – all in less than 10 seconds.

The best part? There is no need to register or sign up. Once on the page, simply enter the URL to the Facebook page you’d like to analyze and that’s that.

A free of charge tool.


Automate your Facebook sales funnel with

Advertising ad campaigns have many steps, but creating content and distributing it to the right audiences are always there, no matter whether you’re prospecting for new customers or growing the value of existing ones. Making these two steps less work-intensive leaves you with more time to concentrate on and refine other parts of your marketing strategy to drive greater value. makes it possible to automate both of these steps using feeds for data and the Facebook pixel for targeting.

4. Qwaya

If you run Facebook ad campaigns and you are not using Qwaya, you are doing it wrong.

Learn how to create and design ads that attract clicks and how to make them perform well through segmentation and optimization. Qwaya provides a complete list of advertising options on Facebook.

Furthermore, you can learn about the costs associated with advertising on your Facebook campaigns. Even more, how much you have to spend to be effective with social media advertising. You can go into depths about how much Facebook Ads cost to run and how to optimize your spend.

What makes Qwaya a true standout is the fact that it offers the ability to A/B test your ads. It is crucial to test every single option and idea you have in terms of promoting your products and services.

5. FanPage Karma

It is an all round social media marketing tool that takes care of your entire Facebook management.

You can compose and publish posts with ease. It can provide you useful insights on posting. And it helps you monitor unlimited number of pages and profiles.

Users can analyze the activities of their fans and followers. And you can analyze and compare key data on different pages, even those of your competitors.

Moreover, you can analyze and improve your Social Media Profiles.  Use this smart Facebook marketing tool to analyze your pages and those from competitors. Check key data and compare them between different pages – it has never been so simple to point out trends and get inspiration.

Closing Thoughts

Social media is a powerful ally in this journey. By going beyond branding, you can turn social channels into powerful lead-gen machines. Focus on using the above mentioned Facebook marketing tools to generate more traffic and turn more of your visitors into leads.


October 31, 2018

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