Top 5 Content Writing Trends Which Will Dominate In Future

October 16, 2018

Top 5 Content Writing Trends Which Will Dominate In Future

As Google continues to tweak and update their algorithm, marketers and website owners must constantly update and improve as per the latest content writing trends.

Are you planning on building or increasing your online presence? Content writing as a means of marketing for businesses has been in play for a long time. As a content marketer, you understand that marketing is a dynamic field.


Content Writing Trends


We are going to check out the futuristic content writing trends here that are going to dominate for next few years.

Top 5 Content Writing Trends To Watch Out For

1.Write People Oriented Content And Not For Google

Many website content deliveries are geared to have keywords added to the content for SEO. The issue happens when too many keywords snatch the relevance away from the content. Today’s evolved online customer will immediately catch this issue and leave the content without acting on it.

The key is to keep the language conversational and engaging. Primary keywords and LSI keywords will flow in naturally into the content when you focus on your readers rather than the search engines.

2.Your Content Should Be Helpful, Meaningful & Relevant

Remember that you are writing not for your clients, but for your client’s customers.

If your client has a shiny new product, it won’t matter until you convey this to their customers by putting the content; answering their queries on how it is going to help them, how can be highly beneficial to them etc.

An online marketing survey suggested that about 80% of the buyers are turned off by aggressive marketing and sales. This is more prominent for website content where you are pitching your brand to a total stranger.

Instead of pushy sales go for subtle content that touches upon the benefits they will derive when they connect with your brand.

3. Your Content Should Be Attractive To Read

We don’t like to read boring stuff; the same goes with others. We all like to read illustratious, appealing content that is really fun to read.

  • Do have a catchy headline
  • Tell the reader in the intro itself about what the content will cover
  • Keep in mind the reader persona and use words accordingly
  • Structure it into digestible portions in the below ways
  • Use bullets and lists
  • Avoid fluff and meaningless sentences like plague
  • Try using sub-headings and mark them in bold for the reader who wants to scan the content
  • Not to keep more than 2-3 sentences in each paragraph

The digital marketing guru “Neil Patel” says that creating attractive headlines can be the reason for people reading your content more. Hence; it makes perfect sense to outsource this important process to a good content writing agency  like SME Networks.

With cost effective pricing and superior quality benchmarks you would get exceptional work delivered for your content marketing needs.


4. Include Visual Content

Remember the 8-second attention span we talked about earlier well, if it is more than 7 seconds ago then you might need to scroll up again. Visual content seeks to eliminate this barrier and keep readers hooked to the content for longer.

Creating infographics, animations and gifs and videos will be the key ways to grab readers’ attention and have them stick on the site for longer.

Checkout over explainer, whiteboard videos that you can develop for your business.

Most importantly, you need a plan of attack for getting that content to people through the right channels at the right time.

5. Engage Your Content Across Channels 

Blogging might be easy but most people are busy and will not visit your blog/website regularly which is why you should reach your audience across multiple channels and yes this is going to be the content writing trends for years to come.


Hand It Over To The Experts – SME Networks

You know exactly what you want to say, you know your audience and what they like and dislike and you are excited to share your content but are unsure how to say it so the message is delivered.

Here is where you hand it over to the experts, SME Networks handles all types of content writing from web content to blogs to infographic content to video content. Our team will create the right content that fits your brand guidelines and gets the message across.

SME Networks expert digital marketing team is ready to help and guide you through.

Take the next step and let us be a part of your team

October 16, 2018

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