Top Facebook Marketing Campaigns Strategies For Lookalike Audience

September 26, 2018

Top Facebook Marketing Campaigns Strategies For Lookalike Audience

Want better results from your Facebook marketing campaigns? Wondering which custom audiences yield the best-performing Facebook lookalike audiences?

Are you struggling to bring in traffic and conversions through Facebook ads? You’re not alone….


Need To Know What You Understand By Facebook Lookalike Audience?

Facebook Lookalike Audiences are an extremely valuable way of targeting your Facebook marketing campaign ads.

A lookalike audience is when you give Facebook a list of people, whether by an email list or based on people that have been to your site or purchased from you.

Then, Facebook goes out and finds more people that match up with the demographics, behaviors, and interests of your list of people. This is an awesome way to utilize Facebook’s knowledge to your benefit.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the “ facebook lookalike strategies”, which helps you can expand on lookalike audiences to identify your true ideal Facebook audience.


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Facebook allows you to create a 2%, 3%, 4%, all the way to 10% lookalike audience based on a single uploaded audience.

You initially have your custom audience that is exactly who your audience is. You then have a 1% audience that is the most similar. As you start getting up into the higher percentages, you are expanding your audience to be much bigger. However; you are also getting away from the exact or close to exact replica of your initial audience.

When you’re creating your audiences using this method, you should be very careful of audience overlap. You don’t want to be showing the same ad, multiple times to the same people because there is overlap happening in your audiences.

To get away from this, when running a broader audience at the same time as one of the more focused audiences, you should exclude the narrower audience.

Strategies For Facebook Marketing Campaigns For Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are best used to target new cold audiences at the top of your sales funnel. Now let’s look at how to create strategies for lookalike audiences ad campaigns.

1.Create Videos For Your Lookalike Audiences

Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video on the platform every day. So, it should come as no surprise that video is Facebook’s best-performing content.

Video allows you to build brand recognition and trust with your target audience quickly. If you’re running a video-based content strategy and want to scale your campaigns to reach more people, lookalike audiences let you find new people based on those who’ve already watched your videos.

You can create an audience for all video views at every engagement level: 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 95%. To create each one, repeat the process outlined above for the different engagement options.

2. Setup Email Look Alike Audiences

Email-based lookalike audiences often deliver the best results. Why? Because you can take your existing customer list and use that as the source for your lookalike audience, essentially cloning your customer base.

You have two options for adding your email data: upload your data as a file/copy and paste the data, or import it from MailChimp.  So, if you’re uploading your email list, click Choose a File or Copy and Paste the Data.

3. Creating Conversion Lookalike Audiences For Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Conversion lookalike audiences let you find new target audiences using a website custom audience of people who have completed a specific conversion event.

For example, if you’re a boutique owner running a discount code lead magnet, create a website custom audience of people who have triggered a lead event action by opting in for the discount code. Hence; you can use that audience as the source for your lookalike audience.

4. Design Page Likes Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences for page likes are the easiest to set up because you build them from the fans of your Facebook page. If you have a large number of Facebook fans who actively engage with your organic posts. This  page likes lookalike audience is a great way to find new similar target audiences.

Differing from the three lookalike audiences above, you don’t need to create a custom audience for your source audience. In the Audiences dashboard in Facebook Ads Manager, click Create Audience and select Lookalike Audience. In the Create a Lookalike Audience box, select your page name from the Source drop-down list.

Final Words

Facebook marketing campaign lookalike strategies is the great way to get more mileage out of your Facebook ad campaigns. Facebook’s algorithms are great but you never just want to leave the success or failure of your campaigns up to an algorithm.

With this approach, you can work hand-in-hand with Facebook’s algorithms to improve the quality of your overall targeting. This way you can get your ads in front of the right audience not just the default one Facebook picks for you.

Getting Started With Facebook Promotions 

Now that you have a better idea of how the facebook marketing promotions work for your event. With plenty of tips you are all set to make an action plan for your next upcoming event.

Whether you already have a sizeable Facebook fans or you’re starting from scratch doesn’t matter. As you can see, implementing these tips will naturally leads itself to the next stage and see your Facebook event getting better response.  

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September 26, 2018

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