Facebook Marketing | Top 8 Tips To Promote Event On Facebook

September 18, 2018

Facebook Marketing | Top 8 Tips To Promote Event On Facebook

 How to boost your event promotion on Facebook? I want to promote my events on Facebook and get more attendees? How do I engage people interested in your event on Facebook?? Lots of questions and very few result-oriented answers to these. We, get you the right Facebook marketing strategies for your event so that your event gets noticed and spread more awareness of your event hence; resulting into more attendees. 

Events can increase profits and sales, build your brand, spread awareness about your company and what you do, and establish connections between you and your customers or community. Whether the event is about a grand opening of your new business, or you are launching your products/services or or it’s s an educational conference about marketing software, it’s important that you promote it in the right manner.

How To Promote Your Event On Facebook – Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing


Hosting an event is always a challenge for a company, it means investing time, money and effort to succeed.

During important occasions, or even as a regular part of your facebook marketing strategies. Promoting events on Facebook will help you to connect to the wider customer base and give them an experience that will make your brand unforgettable.

Just think that almost every age group is present on Facebook today and actively participating in various Facebook activities. The influx of the potential customers on Facebook is huge; and so are the results.

Facebook offers you the option to create your event through their platform, share it with your community and even advertise it to reach more users. It is the best place to convince them to visit your event.

We have listed top 8 tips to promote your events on Facebook. Implementing these tips you’ll see that you will have an unforgettable Facebook campaign event up and running:

1.Set-up An Eye-catching Titles & Winning Wall Settings 

Mindful branding goes a long way when coming up with your event page name, pull out all the stops when titling your event so the buzz can begin without a hitch.

The second step is to allow your guests to not only invite their friends, but to share posts and photos to the wall.

These shared moments on the event page become actionable news items in the contacts Facebook feed hence more visibility and engagement for both of you.

2.Wow Your Audience With Perfect Event Profile Photo

Never leave your event page’s cover photo blank. Take advantage of the space and make all of those 784 x 295 pixels shine.  Does the image you use clearly reflect your brand?

If someone clicks on your cover photo, you will want to include a descriptive caption that includes information, links or even a call to action. And while you’re at it, you definitely want to do a quick check of how your business’ Facebook page looks.

3. Optimize Your Event For Increased Audience

When you’re creating your Facebook event, you should optimize it to ensure maximized visibility. This means considering keywords that users may type into a search bar just as you’d optimize any page on your website and placing the right keywords in your description.

You should also choose the relevant category and Facebook-selected keywords in order to increase the likelihood that your event will be shown to the right audience.

Make sure that you check “kid friendly” or “free admission” if either apply, as either of these can drive up attendance significantly in certain audiences.


4.Don’t Assume Your Audience Saw Your Post 

Share the event and link to it often. Paying attention to when peak times to post on Facebook is fantastic, but it also means your message can get lost in the high traffic hours.

Make sure to share the key event information more than just once. Especially; if you’re dependent on organic reach.

For example, your Motivation Mondays and Throwback Thursdays can harken back to beautiful photos from events past or inspiring speaker quotes with a handy link to the upcoming event. Get creative and find fun content to promote your event without being too repetitive.

5. Cross Promote Events Through Press releases, Newsletters and More

Once you’ve exhausted sharing your Facebook Event on all other social outlets, invite volunteers, partners, or planning committee members to help with this effort in “closed” Facebook Groups for collaboration instead of endless emails.

Instead of simply focusing on highlighting your event page. Furthermore; it helps broaden your reach to other community members, clients and friends various social networks.

Launching a dynamic, multi-platform Facebook marketing campaign allows you to be efficient with your time and budget.

6. Include Facebook Event As A Call To Action 

This invitation can be very minimalist like a colorful “RSVP Now” link or button at the bottom of the message.

This can also direct attendees to share that they are coming, as Eventbrite data states 10% of those purchasing tickets through Eventbrite share the event on Facebook usually 40% before purchasing tickets and 60% afterwards.

7. Offer As Much As Detail As Possible

When it comes to dates, times, locations, ticket pricing & sales, direction, or any other information, provide as much as you can to help people decide whether they can participate.

This means providing registration links, other social media channels, photos and videos from previous events and the main event homepage.

Also, it is wise to use Facebook recognized venues rather than addresses. Include a map so it can pop up as a recommendation for nearby friends of attendees and other community members.

8. Try To Maintain Interest All The Way Up Until Your Event

Remind your audience why they should attend the event. 

Keep the momentum from the initial excitement going by posting event updates, teasers, prizes, speakers, pictures, videos, maintain interest of those who plan to attend. Your ticket sales will thank you.

Wrapping Up

Facebook marketing is such a unique tool for event managers, especially since Facebook Events can track the number of people who have seen the event link, folks who have viewed the event, as well as the total number of people who joined, saved or maybe-d for your big day.

If you use these tips well,  and really take time to engage with your attendees, we’re confident this efficient way of promoting your event on this social network platform can be very rewarding.

Getting Started With Facebook Promotions 

Now that you have a better idea of how the facebook marketing promotions work for your event. With plenty of tips you are all set to make an action plan for your next upcoming event.

Whether you already have a sizeable Facebook fans or you’re starting from scratch doesn’t matter. As you can see, implementing these tips will naturally leads itself to the next stage and see your Facebook event getting better response.  

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September 18, 2018

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