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FH 5K Increase Business Leads By 40% Use Whiteboard Animated Videos – smenetworks.in

Whiteboard Animated videos are growing in popularity over the last few years;  they’ve proven to be a highly effective marketing tool for any kind of business.

Today we want to focus on startups and small businesses. Of course, every business can benefit from these advantages, but we want to show how a small-medium business entrepreneur or a startup can get the most out of this useful whiteboard animated video marketing tool to promote your business or to gain more exposure. Read on!

Whiteboard Animated Videos  – Get More Conversions

whiteboard animated videos


Let’s start by thinking like a startup or small business owner. What are the big challenges that one might face?

  • How do you make a big impact on a small budget?
  • How do you create compelling marketing materials when you have a million other things to do?
  • Do you create a recognizable brand that is unique, appealing, and true to yourself?
  • How do you get conversions and drive growth???

1.You can draw attention to solutions your organization can provide

Recognizing your prospects’ pain points and offering solutions for them is a great path to success. Properly written whiteboard animated videos or explainer videos illustrate the solutions you provide, quickly and effectively. Animated explainer videos graphically illustrate how your solutions are effective and desirable.

2.Focus your customer’s attention

Video, in particular whiteboard animated video, grabs and holds viewer attention. An animated whiteboard video or animated explainer video hangs on to viewers while informing them. When the video is finished, they have a basic, but essential, understanding and appreciation of what you do, and are motivated to purchase or learn more.

3.Enhance credibility

By nature, most of us are skeptical the first time we visit a website. Humor helps relax us. The use of humor in an animated video helps relax visitors to your website. Therefore; they’re more likely to let their guard down and accept the information you provide them. That, in turn, increases your credibility.

4.Increase your likeability factor

That’s a critical, often over-looked aspect of success. Relaxed, often whimsical whiteboard drawings, sketches and characters plus a friendly narrator provide a comfortable, easy-to-watch animation experience that viewers like and can identify with. When people like you, they are more likely to trust and do business with you.

5.Make it appealing to a specific demographic

Properly crafted, empathetic characters in your explainer video are easily identified with by your prospects. They see themselves and more readily accept the solutions you offer as effective for their situations.

6.Illustrate a product which is still in development

What, no photos? No problem! An animated whiteboard video can present your product whether it’s still in the conceptual stages, not yet off the drawing board or just in prototyping. However; it doesn’t matter. And it can portray it accurately – showing your prospects as well as informing them.

Benefits Of Getting Whiteboard Animation Videos For Your Business

Startups can get a ton of mileage from a whiteboard animation. Therefore; as a new business, you need to make decisions that are cost-efficient and get you the most bang for your buck.

Creating a whiteboard animation video has innumerable benefits for a young company:

  • Money Factor – Whiteboard Animations are much cheaper than a traditional live-action video, and just as effective Whiteboard animation video marketing is crucial these days, so invest in a solid video that’ll get your message out there and keep viewers engaged.
  • Time Saver –  If you are running or helping to run a new business, chances are there are about a million things on your to-do list. Hence; by working with a partner studio (like SME Networks) to create an animation, you are saving yourself countless hours that you can devote to keeping your business running and thriving.
  • Branding – You are the expert on your product or service, and we are experts at creating animations and writing scripts. Evenmore; if you are still figuring out exactly who you are as a company, an animation can help you make those decisions and communicate your brand beautifully with the world.
  • Endless Marketing –  Whiteboard animations are versatile. You can use them across platforms: social media, email, website, blogging, paid advertising, in person meetings, you name it. Hence; with this one piece of marketing collateral, you’ll have access to dozens of digital marketing opportunities.

Added Benefits Of Whiteboard Explainer Videos

  • Quick Recognition –  After someone sees your video, you want them to remember you. Your business is small and needs something sticky to get into people’s heads, and gets them thinking about you — and talking about you to their friends. Therefore; a whiteboard animation will help you stand out and make an impression on potential customers.
  • Result Oriented –  What you need is for people to take action – whether it’s to invest in your Kickstarter, buy your product, or share your video. Hence; whiteboard animated videos can drive action by keeping viewers engaged and helping the audience make visual and auditory connections about the benefits you provide. Therefore; with a strong call to action, an animation can truly help you grow your business.

SME Networks has a team of video specialists that can help you with all things for successful video marketing campaigns. Get in touch for Explainer Animation & Whiteboard Video requirements.

whiteboard animated videos


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