Importance Of Video Marketing & Why Your Business Needs It

October 05, 2018

Importance Of Video Marketing & Why Your Business Needs It

Everywhere you are reading ” Video Marketing Benefits” but, does your business is reaping any???

A huge misconception You might be thinking that video marketing can work wonders to B2C segment but, there’s more to it. Video Marketing is leveraging the benefits to B2B segment and businesses are highly impressed with the results and the progress that it has shown to their sales. Are you looking for inexpensive ways to boost your revenue in cost-effective manner? Choose companies like SME Networks who are pro in making B2B Videos.

One of the fastest-growing marketing mediums this year is video, and for good reason – it’s effective for reaching and engaging audiences. And while many B2C companies have already started incorporating video into their digital strategies, those in B2B industries have been slower to adopt.


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74% of B2B buyers and researchers are watching videos to help them make their buying decisions. And not just a few snippets and clips of video here and there: nearly half of them watch at least 30 minutes of content, according to Google research.

Reasons To Make Videos For Your Business

B2B Video Marketing


1.Video Marketing Creates Addictive Content

When we see videos, we are easily attracted towards the visuals. It’s easy to get lost watching videos not knowing how much time we have spend watching it. More than any other type of promotional content, videos grabs your client attention easily.

Take advantage of SME Networks video marketing services to get little creative when it comes to promoting your business. By making whiteboard, explainer animation B2B videos, your clients can easily identify and can be easily promoted to what you are marketing. 


2.Explainer Videos Help Explains The USPs Of The Business

If you could highlight the USP of your business, you can easily attract your clients to use your products/services.

Explainer animation videos can take the USPs and conveys your sales method turning it into a visual story.

If you can sum up your key selling points in the brief explainer videos, your customers and clients are more likely understand and remember it better than they would from reading a blog post or brochure.

3.Videos Can Be Great Addition To Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Getting someone to actually open your email is an increasing challenge. Just using “video” in your subject line can increase open rates and decrease unsubscribe rates.

Explainer or Whiteboard Videos in an email leads to a 200-350% increase in click-through rate.   But in most cases, you can’t deny that it’s easier to watch a video than sit and read text, right? This is particularly effective if you’re demonstrating how to use your product or express something that you just can’t get across through the written word.

4.Animation Videos Brings In The Right Clients For You

Whiteboard or explainer videos can help you accomplished two things:

  • They introduced themselves and their product.
  • They targeted the message to a particular segment of the market.

Google ranks and rewards a video by how people engage with it. That includes how much of the video they’ve watched, if they leave comments, if they subscribe to your channel after watching, if they share it, and how they rate it. Hence, make a video with the goal in mind that you are designing it for your customers and clients.

5.Explainer Videos Increases The Effectiveness of Other Marketing Tactics

Regardless of which platform you are using, your business should always consider including video as a part of its marketing strategy. Videos are so popular that simply including the word ‘video’ in an email subject line increases open rates by up to 38%.

If you have a strategy which is already working, then video content should be used to enrich your current success. 

6.Animation Whiteboard Videos Generate Leads & Enabling Sales

Image result for video marketing increase revenues


By connecting your explainer animation videos to your marketing automation platforms, you can enhance lead scoring models by using video engagement data, and use video content in campaigns to segment customers based on videos watched. The Sales team can benefit too.

The sales representatives can gain valuable insights on customers with a contact record in a CRM  before even placing the first call.

7. Videos Helps Establishing Your Business As An Expert

One of the most important things an explainer video does is establishing your business as an expert in your field. Though you may have expert information available in text on your website, people are reluctant to go digging through pages of text to find the information they’re looking for.

Animation explainer videos gives you a succinct, visual medium through which you can communicate your knowledge to other businesses.

By building your content library with consistent additions, you build your reputation and authority as a trustworthy source of information in your sphere, which you can leverage to attract potential clients.

Think about other companies you admire and see if they’ve implemented a video marketing campaign. Do you think there’s a way you can integrate video into your own B2B marketing strategy?

SME Networks has a team of video specialists that can help you with all things for successful video marketing campaigns. Get in touch for Explainer Animation & Whiteboard Video requirements.





October 05, 2018

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Importance Of Video Marketing & Why Your Business Needs It

October 05, 2018

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Everywhere you are reading ” Video Marketing Benefits” but, does your business is reaping any???

A huge misconception You might be

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