Use Social Media Correctly - Tips To Get More Leads

July 27, 2018

Use Social Media Correctly - Tips To Get More Leads

Looking for tips to get more leads? Are you trying ways to get more leads from social media?  It’s time to use social media correctly 

Social media platforms are widely acknowledged to generate high quality leads. Often business entrepreneurs and digital marketers are seen browsing over the web about “tips to get more leads” through social media platform. True that, Social media is a wide-spread with lot of social media platforms offering endless benefits to the businesses. But, what works for may not work for the other. Not all social media platforms are meant to give positive results or to say to get more leads.

If not done right, your social media strategies can make your brand. There are lot of suggestions, guidance and tips to get more leads through social media but, only too few work.

A lot of what we learned about improving our personal brand on social media came from experience and guidance, some of which are things you can start right now on how to use social media correctly.

Tips To Get More Leads – Use Social Media Correctly

Use social media correctly


A rule of thumb for posting on social media is to not post something a grandmother would not want to see. Employers and others are more likely to take a profile seriously if the content on the profile is appropriate.

1.You All The Time Broadcast Than Engage

Social media is a two-way street. Along with posting about your practice, make it a point to interact with other users, add and follow accounts who are relevant to your field, like others’ posts and respond to comments. Engage with the participants who have “Liked” or “Shared” your posts which gives them a personal attention – and most importantly it counts. It make them feel special that a company is responding to them personally.

2.You Don’t Update Your Social Media Posts Regularly

A neglected, sparsely updated social media account sends a bad message to current and potential customers. Make it a point to create new posts on your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts at least once a week.

3. You Most Of The Time Auto-post On All Your Social Profiles

At times, what looks good on Twitter won’t come across as well on Facebook. Rather than setting up auto-posts of the same exact update to post across all of your social media accounts, customize every post to each separate social media site.

This only takes a few minutes but will make your posts look more professional and well-written.

4. Your Social Media Calendar Is Boring

People come on social media platforms to have a good time, to connect and share. Now if your social media calendar isn’t up to the mark, it doesn’t make sense.

You need to bring a variety in your social media calendar and most importantly you can have the latest news, and trends relevance to your business industry published. This will not only ignite the interest among your audience but, increase your fan followers.

5. Your Thumbnail Posting Are Clumsy

Well, it may sound rude but, its true that to use social media correctly is a technique. Use your social media posting thumbnails aren’t interesting to get clicked.

When you’re posting your content from your website or blog to social networks, they’ll often fetch a preview image to display next to your post. This is often a thumbnail which you set. On WordPress, it’s usually the Featured Image which you can set.

Make sure those images are high quality and illustrate what the post is all about.

6.You Don’t Respond To Your Customers Quickly

Neglecting customers’ comments on your social media pages sends a strong message: that you don’t care. Make it a point to respond to comments and mentions on your social media accounts’ walls, updates, tweets or blog posts in a timely manner.

7.You Delete Social Mentions

Even the best, most highly-rated companies receive negative feedback. If an unhappy customer leaves a complaint on your Facebook or Google+ page, address their concerns, rather than deleting their message. Click here to outsource your social media management to us and let us handle your customer complaints and preserve your positive online presence.

Get What Is Right For You 

At the end of the day, it comes back to your business and your priorities. Whether you are a startup, small business owner or an established company, SME Networks has worked on varied business sizes accomplishing social media marketing campaigns under different segments.

As a one-stop agency digital marketing agency, you can count on us for specialized marketing consulting services that include SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC Management, Brand Management, Email Marketing, Online Reputations, Blogging etc.



July 27, 2018

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