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It is a known fact that social media is an effective medium to help you grow your business online. However, there’s no set rule book when it comes to social media marketing – or you can say it there hasn’t found one yet. There are no online tests, or websites that keep a track that you are covering all your bases, timely posts, engaging your audience with rich content but there’s a way out for few things like how you can avoid social media posting mistakes. 

Not just you, but there are entrepreneurs who have goofed-up badly when it comes to social media. 

  Social Media Posting Mistakes To Avoid

Social media posting mistakes


1.Working on too many social media platforms all at same time

Too many cooks spoil the broth – the same goes with social media. Engaging your business on too many social media platforms at a time will be difficult to achieve results. You can start with couple of networks, and once your business awareness starts growing you can have more on your plate.

2.The cover is unattractive and profile incomplete

Like we heard of, the first impression always count- this is rather disappointing to find that there is no complete information on the page provided and the look is cluttered. It is important for your business and for your brand awareness to put detailed information on the page/profile. To stand out from the crowd:

  • Upload a decent profile picture that reflects your brand’s personality
  • Choose the right category of your business so that it can be easily found
  • Choose the right picture that let people to identify your brand easily

3.Not posting regularly

People think social media as a Sprint than Marathon – they really get into it and let it fall aside by not posting regularly. Posting regular posts will engage your audience. With the better interaction this will help boost your business.

4.Yapping too much

People love to read the shared information, but too much of anything spoils the magic. Social media is about making connections, networking. People will be visiting you more if you listen to what they are saying rather than forcing your message upon them.

5.Airing bad arguments

Many times we have come across such posts, wherein the owner is getting into the arguments with his/her audience. Debating is good, but debating childishly using inappropriate language is bad for your business.

6.Self-promoting too much

It takes twenty years to build a reputation, and just twenty minutes to ruin it. Many entrepreneurs are seen spending a lot of time on promoting themselves than business. There will be just upset customers and no business.

7.Thinking everyone “SEEN THAT”

No matter social media is appealing, none of your customers aren’t sticking to it 24/7. It is no good to assume that your audience/customers have seen your each and every post and know your latest update. Repeating them few times will do no harm.

8.No timely response to the customers

This social media posting mistakes is the worst of all. Not replying on time annoys anybody; try to come into habit of replying the queries within 24 hours and maximum 48 hours of time. This will leave a positive impression, reflecting that you are a responsible entrepreneur and is eager to know what your customers have to say.

9.Expecting social media to do all the efforts

Perhaps, this one is the most common social media posting mistakes that majority of the account holders do. You can’t just blast the world with your information, ideas, products and services then chill out and expect everyone to think you are wonderful – so unrealistic.

10.Forgetting to have fun

If you have worked in social media for a particular length of time, you have probably had to justify your job to people who think you just play on Facebook and Twitter all day. All of that stuff is great, but too much focusing on social media is like that you are sucking all the fun out of it. It’s important that we are the visitors whom the audience has invited into their circle.

Social media is the platform where they share stories, photos and where they connect with friends. Where they go to enjoy and have fun. If we are going to crash their party, shouldn’t we bring a bottle of champagne instead of the sales charts?

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