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Click here for SEO best practices !! Top 7 SEO tips to rank your website on the first page of Google… Benefits of leveraging SEO tools and techniques for better conversions and more leads…are what entrepreneurs and marketers are actively searching to improve their Google page ranking.

You have clicked more than 100 searches on Google, perhaps tried majority of the things but in vain….promises..promises and more promises but, lesser or no results why? Very few people understands that when it comes to SEO you cannot expect immediate results.

SEO is not one size fit thing. It has to be customized as per your product/services, content, demographics and so on. There are million things to take care of and it just impossible to implement SEO techniques just browsing over the Google.

SEO practices can be implemented right away but, you cannot expect the results overnight unless you are a huge brand or a celebrity. It needs time furthermore, it needs to be tested now and then to know what works and what doesn’t.  It will be great if you can employ a pro SEO outsourcing services to handle your SEO campaigns. However, you can start with few recommendations of our Do’s and Don’ts which will at least help you rectify the basics yet potential mistakes of SEO.


Do’s And Don’ts Of SEO Best Practices | Get Results | More Leads 

SEO Best Practices


DO Offer Great User Experience

By definition, User Experience (UX) is all about providing the best possible experience to the consumer. As the use of machine learning increases, this will have a greater impact on search engine rankings.

Problems with the User Experience could prevent businesses from reaching their potential in the organic search results and can also repress your conversion rate.

If users come to your website and browse through multiple pages, spend time engaging with your content and even come back again, all of these metrics will be taken into consideration within Google’s ranking algorithm. The websites that provide an excellent UX with quality & relevant content, innovative design with a clear, structured navigation, are the kind which visitors will be returning to time and time again.

DO Understand The Influence Of Local Search

Be a step ahead of your competitors by focusing on local search. Especially; if you are a business that provides a local service or wish to focus on getting local clients/customers.

If you adopt a more locally-focused SEO strategy, you’re much more likely to appear higher in mobile search results when users are searching in your service area.

By undertaking various SEO techniques, such as building citations, verifying your Google My Business page and optimizing your website for geo-focused keywords, you can ensure that your Local SEO will be at the top of its game.

DO Use Relevant SEO Keywords

Google Keyword Planner is the best SEO keyword search tool that you can use to get relevant SEO keywords for your business.

Once you have understood the working pattern of extracting SEO keywords, ensure to use them naturally; without overstuffing it. Furthermore, you can use the relevant keywords as well rather using the same keywords. Here’s the example, if you are using  “Yoga classes” as a primary/ focus keyword some of the relevant keywords you can use are “Iyengar Yoga” “Hot Yoga Classes” “Yoga Classes For Weight Loss”  “Yoga Classes For Wellness” etc.

Above all, your keywords should relate to what you’re writing about, and your content should read well.

DO Use Your Customer Reviews/ Testimonials

It’s a little known fact but, having reviews and testimonials on the page can make a huge difference to your page ranking.

User generated content is a magnet for search engines. Product reviews by real buyers are a fantastic way to encourage users to add information to your site—search engines and buyers love them.

Do Use Interlinking

Always consider complementary pages or pieces of existing content on your website that you can link from in any new content you create. You can also go back to older pieces of content and update them with links to new articles you’ve created. This has SEO benefits and it encourages users to stay on your site longer and look at several pages on your site, improving your average time on site and bounce rate.

Do Share It On Social Media

Google considered your content and would then rank it higher.

Now, the share is what’s important. Content shared on social media is not only amazing free marketing, but it will also show up in Google’s search results.

People, not algorithms, are demonstrating which content is read-worthy by distributing it among their own networks. Social sharing is a real data point for Google’s rankings.

Do Accept High Quality Guest Posts

Guest bloggers with unique insight into a topic can often boost a website’s visibility. Even a temporary boost on social media can lead to a better ranking in search.

Fresh writing piece is a great way to get people interested and sharing on social media.

Do Add Videos 

Video is becoming an increasingly important part of the SEO best practices.

YouTube videos often pop up in regular search results, taking up major real estate and standing out in a way text simply doesn’t. Even short, informative videos are enough to increase visibility and improve your search engine results.

DON’T Buy Links

While links back to a website are still useful and can help improve your page’s rank, Google fiercely weeds out any links coming from low-quality websites.
Linking back to your website is only as good as the person doing the linking. Paying for links or signing up for services that link back to you are surefire ways to throw yourself off the first page of results.

DON’T Stuff Keywords

Stuffing keywords is spamming. Furthermore, using the same keywords in the entire webpage or blog will be of no use. It will be still considered as stuffed and spammed.

Earlier it was possible when a website footer with 100 keyword-rich links were the ticket to SEO success. These days, those kinds of tactics are frowned upon by search engines, so be sure to use keywords appropriately and in the right places. Do not stuff the keywords.

DON’T Expect SEO To Work Overnight

Unlike other digital marketing efforts like paid advertising, where you can sometimes see results almost instantaneously, SEO takes time. Furthermore; it doesn’t work one size fit all.

It can be a slow burner and take time to yield noticeable results. Your SEO best practices should therefore be spread over a longer period – at least a month to measure improvement.

Final Thoughts On SEO Best Practices

Follow ethical SEO Best Practices based on Google algorithms and standard, and stay up to speed with the latest developments in ranking algorithms is the best way to ensure you avoid any SEO penalties. Furthermore; you will be able to improve your rankings with it. 

Black hat practices like keyword stuffing and abusing link building are a thing of the past and should definitely be avoided.

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