Instagram Followers Increase | Tips To Create Converting Instagram Page

September 17, 2018

Instagram Followers Increase | Tips To Create Converting Instagram Page

It’s just not you who is googling ” Instagram Followers Increase “.

With nearly 250 million active users every day, Instagram is ruling over the Social media with its wide user base and flexible UI. With maximum users, it has become an untapped resource for people to advertise their products and reach a massive audience. That’s where Instagram Landing pages come in.

Instagram landing pages wield the power in scoring a lot more leads and hits for you. If optimized in the right way, your Instagram Landing pages can be the silver lining your company needs.

Instagram is not only favorite with the teen but also among the adult audience.


An Instagram landing page is often used in various marketing campaigns. It is different from the website’s home page that has been constructed with a focused objective for offers.

Instagram followers increase


Tips For Instagram Followers Increase

Creating landing pages that convert is all about clearly expressing your value as soon as possible.

Studies show that people remember 80% of what they see, while only 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear. On top of that, content with visuals is usually viewed 94% more than without–that’s nearly double. And these posts, while viewed more, also see 180% stronger engagement.

1.Have Specific Instagram Landing Page 

First, it is important to have a dedicated landing page for all your Instagram visitors. Make sure the landing page is customized for your visitors’ needs, and enough to keep their interest once they click on your squeeze page.

The landing page should have a message showing that you acknowledge them as potential clients specifically from Instagram.

It also needs to have some sort of incentives such as an offer or discounted price for service or product offered so that they are compelled to join your email list.

2.Creative Instagram Landing Page Design

The design of a landing page is what attracts the viewer. It is all about what they see, and if they like it they will move on to the next step.

Design the land page in such a way that will appeal to potential clients and make it hard for them to pass over it when it does come up. Capture their attention with the design to gain Instagram followers increase.

You can use visual cues such as arrows to direct the viewers to your website or show them where they can subscribe.

3.Be Trustable Towards Your Viewers

The message on your landing page has to concide with what is on your website. Do not lie to the audience.

Such a move may create mistrust from the viewers when they realize they will not receive what they signed up for.

This will ruin the reputation of your firm, and word travels fast, especially when it is negative. To evade this, keep your information truthful and precise on the landing page.

4.Put A Short But Engaging Videos

You may have a short video for introduction on the landing page that may include greetings. This makes the visitors feel welcome, and become more comfortable with the idea of subscribing to your email list.

The video should include together with the greeting, the purpose of the landing page; that is, why the visitors should sign up. This is a great way to have the audience interact with you.

5.Give Social Proof

It is no surprise that when talking about choosing a certain product to buy or service to avail, people tend to look for the opinion of others.

And that is why social proof on your company’s Instagram landing page holds a significance. Positive reviews, quotes and testimonials from satisfied customers play a huge role in persuading the visitors on your landing page to convert.

Hence, you should include highly positive reviews about your products and services, along with other forms of social proof. The more positive and authentic your social proof is, the more likely are your prospects to be convinced.


Getting Started With Instagram Page

Now that you have a better idea of how the Instagram sales funnel works it’s time to make an action plan.

Whether you already have a sizeable Instagram following or you’re starting from scratch doesn’t matter. As you can see, each Instagram tip naturally leads itself to the next stage until you will see Instagram followers increase. To ensure that your funnel is working properly, be sure to keep an eye on your metrics every day.

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September 17, 2018

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