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HTTP Vs HTTPS has created a hype in the Internet world.  The leading search engine Google officially announced that switching your website over to HTTPS will give you a major boost your pank ranking

So it’s that simple, right? If Google says do it, then let’s do it.

When you visit a website, your computer and the web server communicate using a protocol known as HTTP. This stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTP has inherent weaknesses that are important to recognize.

What’s that extra “S” for? Well, it turns out that the “s” stands for “SSL”, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is the technology that encrypts your connection to a website, so that hackers can’t intercept any of your data.

HTTP  Vs HTTPS –  Understand The Basic Difference

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HTTP -Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a structure for transferring and receiving information on the web, most frequently operated to retrieve HTML web pages. Hypertext Transfer Protocol is considered an application layer protocol — it exists to present information to the web user no matter what channel it takes to do so.

HTTP is stateless, which means it uses less data by forgetting earlier web sessions.

HTTPS, or Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol, was established to sanction secured transactions and authorization over the web. Exchanging information, like credit card numbers or access, requires security to avert unauthorized entry through HTTPS.

So what’s the difference between HTTP Vs HTTPS ? HTTPS is HTTP — just the secure version.

HTTPS follows the same protocols as HTTP — the browser begins a connection to a server on a standard port. The additional layer of HTTPS security uses Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, to transport data. HTTPS exercises TCP Port 443 by default, so they use two separate communications.

Why Your Website Should Switch To HTTPS?

HTTPS often referred as Hypertext Transport Protocol Security, or secure, the websites which include the SSL 2048-bit key and can protect a website connection through authentication and encryption.

When installed on a web server, an SSL certificate activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

  • Secure websites can protect a user’s connection by securing information in 3 layers:
  • Encryption ensures that a user’s activity cannot be tracked or their information stolen
  • Data integrity prevents files from being corrupted as they’re transferred
  • And authentication protects against attacks and builds user trust
  • Google has encouraged webmasters to make the migration to a secure site for a while now and has been giving an increasing amount of weight in ranking boosts to websites that are HTTPS.

Keep in mind, those sites ranking on page one of Google are also likely following many other best practices in order to gain and retain their valued page one real estate, so it’s not a surprise that of those ranking on page one, more are following Google’s heavy suggestion toward having a secure website.

Switching To HTTPS Or Lose Your Google Rankings?

If you are still thinking, not able to decide HTTP Vs HTTPS, here is some Google Ranking related benefits that HTTPS can bring to your online business.

  • Referral Data

Through an HTTPS site, the security of the referring domain is preserved. This makes the HTTP vs HTTPS decision even easier to make.

  • Increased Rankings

Not a major boost, but as part of an overall strategy with other ranking factors, it’s a safe bet.

  • Security & Privacy

It authenticates the website and server communication

  • Prevents damage by third parties

Encrypts data and communication, like browsing history and credit card information

  • Brand Trust

Just like home security system signs that people place on their front lawn, HTTPS builds trust with visitors. It’s important to let your visitors know that their information will be secure on your site. With HTTPS comes trust, and with trust comes sales.

  • Avoid Irrelevant Redirects

Don’t redirect many old URLs to one irrelevant destination, such as the home page of the new site. This can confuse users and might be treated as a soft 404 error. However, if you have consolidated content previously hosted on multiple pages to a new single page, it is acceptable to redirect the older URLs to that new, consolidated page.

Final Thoughts

The clear conclusion here is that switching to HTTPS will help you stay in good graces with Google. Along with all of the SEO benefits. Security for your site and your users is the most important aspect of making the switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

HTTPS is not only good for security but also for referrer data and other SEO strategies. When looking at the issue holistically and considering the future of what Google is likely to do with HTTPS, it is recommended switching over to HTTPS, ASAP, to keep up with Google.

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