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You do a Google search for your website, only to find out that the Google Rankings has dropped considerable and so is your website traffic. What now? How do you go about diagnosing what the issue is, and in what order? What are the most likely reasons for your rankings to have dropped?

Whenever your site’s rankings start dropping, keep calm and start looking for causes and solutions. 

Google Rankings


When your Google rankings suddenly drop and with that your website traffic, the key is not to panic. Therefore; it is crucial to have a list of things to check in place, so that you do the right things for the right reasons and don’t start pushing buttons at random that could make matters worse.

However; keep in mind that Google doesn’t care about your website, they only care about their users and their own bottom line. Know what your users wants and your Google Rankings and with that web traffic both will come up. 

You’d ideally want to analyze what went wrong and give them a reason for the drop in Google rankings. Identify what could’ve gone wrong and effectively act on the mistakes that have affected your rankings and traffic. Furthermore; learning how to fix them. 

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Google Rankings And Web Traffic Has Dropped

1.Your Website Keywords Are Not Serving The Purpose

If your site has been online for many years, you might have used keywords that are no longer relevant or are outdated.

Think about your own searching behavior. Have you ever tried to use fancy or more sophisticated language to find the answer to your question in a search query only to get frustrated because you don’t get the desired results?

Many people will search different variations of the same question and still be unable to find an answer or solution to their problem. Rather; than relying on just a few keywords, complete sentences with language that is more natural are the way search engines are ranking websites.

Look at your keywords and keyword phrases. If you are using old or more generic keywords, then you’re tracking the wrong rankings and need to update your strategy.

2. Links Not Working Properly

Another reason your site ranking might have dropped is that you have lost links or the one are not loading properly. Check your site for lost links over the last 90 days.

If you see that you have lost a lot of links, this might be the reason for your drop in rankings. Hence; you will need to delve deeper into more specifics about lost links such as:

  • Is the link drop sitewide?
  • Are the lost links located on the same pages of your site where you have seen a drop in rankings?
  • Has there been a drop in inbound links to your pages that have lost their ranking?
  • Do you see dropped links to pages on your website that link other pages that have lower rankings?

If inbound links to your site are broken or lost, you will need to determine exactly where those links are coming from and why they are broken. You can then either remove, replace, or retain them.

3. Broken Redirects Links

If you are launching a new website, migrating to a new server, or do any structural changes to your site, unless you have a proper 301 redirect plan in place, you are likely to see a drop in your rankings.

When using a 301-redirect, you must make sure that XML sitemaps, canonical tags, and links are also updated.

A 301 redirect is akin to a change of address notice for the web. This notice tells search engines that a page, several pages, or your entire website has been moved. You are asking that your website visitors be sent to your new address and not your old one.

4. Algorithm Change

Google is always looking for ways to improve strategies and results by making algorithm changes.

Many sites have been hurt by these changes and suffered from lower site rankings.

To avoid being crippled by Google’s updates, use an effective cross-channel marketing and traffic strategy that includes social media and other marketing channels.

5. Page Loading Speed

We don’t like sluggish pages; taking end number of years probably to showcase the products/services. 

How fast the content on your pages loads will not only affect your rankings.Henec; it will also affect your website visitors’ user experience.

When pages take longer to load, the bounce rates are higher because people don’t want to wait to see your content. Try using Google’s new and improved PageSpeed Tool.

The tool was revamped to incorporate real user data. Pages are ranked fast; average depending upon how quickly they load.

6. Link Penalties

Not all links are created equal. If you use risky, spammy, or outdated link building strategies, Google will penalize your site.

Google states very clearly what it considers to be a low-quality link in the first paragraph on their search console help section called Link Schemes.

Fix your broken links by building new and valuable ones. Use PR to get cited in online content or a news article. Therefore; write exceptional content and promote it heavily on social media so people can find it.

7. Your Website’s Meta Information

Meta information, or meta tags, are used to tell search engines what information your site provides. Hence; it is one of the most important types of meta-data that will help raise your SEO rankings is the title tag.

Other types of meta information that can help your website rankings are headers and meta descriptions.

Avoid being inconsistent when providing your meta information. 

If you use the same title for multiple pages, not only will you confuse your users, you end up competing with yourself in the SERPs.

Test out the above suggestions for your Google Rankings as well as your website traffic. This will help you to make your business more money with qualified traffic and increased sales.

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