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Geo-targeted Ad Campaign??? PPC ad campaigns, email what this new ad campaign all about.

The extensive use of Smartphones and GPS Technology has changed the way marketing used to be. With the increasing movement of consumers from traditional web browsing i.e. laptop and desktop computers to mobile browsing on tablets or smartphones, advertisers are now into new marketing technique called geo-targeting ad campaigns to target potential customers. 

What Is Geo-targeting Ad Campaign?

The primary goal of Geo-targeting ad campaign is to deliver the right info, content, products and services to your targeted consumers – largely through the mobile internet – based on their geographic location.

By doing this, businesses can tweak the reach of their messaging, so it only goes out to consumers that stand to benefit the most from it. Targeting your message to the most culturally receptive and situational relevant audience results in a better ROI.

How Does Geo-targeting Ad Campaign Work?

So, how does Geo-targeting ad campaign work? Here, each user’s device has an IP address that indicates its specific location. The first 3 digits of the IP address correspond to the country code, while the successive digits usually refer to specific areas within that domain.

The geographic information we extract from the IP’s of users who visit our website, when used for commercial purposes, is called Geo-targeting.

The system is not 100% accurate. There may be inaccuracies when users use proxy servers or other IP address masking tools. However, these cases represent a low percentage of the other users who do have a visible IP.

Geo-targeted Ad Campaign


It isn’t necessary to be a big company and have excellent computer equipment to be able to apply the Geo-targeting in marketing strategies. Today, even small advertisers can use it through, for example, Google AdWords.

Remember, even though location is extremely important, Geo-targeted ads campaign need to be correlated with the right interests to gain significant traction. Facebook enables you to match your ads with relevant interests and demographics to make sure it is appealing the right people.

Benefits Of Using Geo-targeted Ad Campaign

1.Improve the user experience

Geo-targeted ad campaign allows us to customize the website and improve the UX User Experience. 

Another example of personalization of content is the option offered by some search engines to search within sites belonging to the country from where we enter.

Or in the case of international news websites, which will show on their cover the most relevant news for our resident country.

2.Effective Promotions

By knowing the locations of the users, you can send alerts suggesting where to buy what they are looking for, while showing them offers and discounts.

3.Speed Up Services 

Through the geo-targeting ad campaigns your customers can be offered right information that he/she requests from the web server closest to his location. This way it speeds up and the waiting time is reduced.

4.Adjust Your Advertising Accordingly 

This is probably one of the most extensive use of geo-targeting ad campaigns. Being able to offer specific advertising to each of your user depending on their locations which allows you to optimize the advertising return.

5.Helps Build Stronger Relationship With Your Audience

Geo-targeting ad campaigns helps in developing long-term successful relationship with your target audience. Creating general content that appeals to all your clients is virtually impossible.

On the other hand, creating tailored content that appeals to users in specific countries is a great way to segment your ads and effectively appeal to different markets at the same time.

6.You Get To Learn About Individual Market

With Geo-targeted campaigns you’ll be able to make changes on different campaigns based on the overall response in the country you target. Not only will you will be able to optimize your ad campaigns individually, but you can identify different opportunities in the areas.

Final Words

Geography plays a vital role in marketing. As consumers are more in-tune with relevant brand messaging, creating a Geo-targeted ad campaign is essential for improving engagement and giving your customers the big picture.

A great digital marketing campaign is one that knows what their target audience wants and delivers relevant answers to their concerns, resulting in a strong ROI.

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