5 Ways To Generate Lead Using Explainer Animated Videos

July 26, 2018

5 Ways To Generate Lead Using Explainer Animated Videos

Engaging people, branding, building trust, increasing customer base,  and posting on social media. These are but a few of the many, so many things all marketers do for one unique purpose – to generate more leads. It’s basic, companies needs to do more sales to stay ahead in the competition. A quick Google search will show you a new found love for explainer animated videos. Not businesses are aware of how an explainer animation video can generate leads for business and how useful it is to have include your every lead generation campaigns.

If you think you are from that category, read on!!



Explainer Animated Videos Generate Leads-Explainer Animated Videos


1.Know Your Audience And What Kind Of Videos They Love Watching

It is important to define your target audience. Understand what they need and what their demands are. By defining your audience, you will also get an idea about what kind of videos they love watching hence, this tactic will work best for you, in terms of engaging and attracting visitors.

Another advantage of defining your audience is that you can create specific and highly targeted videos with simple yet impactful messages in the most cost-effective way.

2.Explainer Videos Is Better Content 

Video content gets people to share more, to stay longer on your site, and increases conversation rates . It also provides a better opportunity to create an emotional impact, which means it’s more likely that your content will be fun and/or moving, if it’s video content.

This is because what you need to do here is to explain to your lead what your company does, and why what you offer is what they need. A video can ensure that you to have the best possible shot at catching your leads attention and emotional rapport, even when your message is an explanation, which is a kind of message that can be boring in many cases.

3.Add Call To Action To Explainer Videos

If you don’t add call-to-action explainer videos you are leaving your visitors with the guesswork of what to do next. Don’t do that. You have already provided with the information and explaining the benefits of buying your services/products, and how it will resolve your problem. After making the best explainer animated video, when you do not add call to action your entire effort to sell your video to your customers/clients go wasted.

What is more astonishing was how much it helps further in boosting your lead generation campaign. Businesses who used explainer animated videos saw increase of 37% in their sign-ups. 

4.Embed Explainer Animated Videos In Emails To Improve Click Through Rate

Email marketing is still considered being an effective way to generate quality leads and you can improve the click-through rates by embedding high-quality videos. Embedding videos into emails can be tough but if you can overcome the hurdle, the results can be awesome.

Explainer or Whiteboard videos when were embedded into the emails which began playing automatically when someone opened the email within the email itself or in a new browser makes your video email campaign successful 

  • 49% higher open rate
  • 71% higher click-through rate

5.Get Landing Page Explainer Videos

Whether you are using them on a registration page for an upcoming webinar or on the download page for a new information, or wish to know about the product or services, landing page explainer videos help drives higher conversions.

You can use this 60-second, ungated explainer animated video on the landing page. Once finished, viewers can opt in to watch a longer, gated demo video; schedule a demo; or learn more about it.

And Lastly

People don’t want to spend a lot of time consuming information that may or may not be necessary, so they look for ways to digest info in the most efficient way possible. That means consuming content in video format rather than text, when available.

That’s why explainer videos tend to work so well. People can hit “play” and get a quick sense of what your business does instead of reading pages and pages of text.






July 26, 2018

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