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Google never stands still, so neither does digital marketing. The changing landscape of digital marketing trends and market means your audience is not only growing with each technological advance, but is also becoming more and more reachable.

Some of these are new digital marketing marketing trends, as you’ll see, have been stirring up for quite some time.  Brands are adopting digital marketing and establishing a store presence hence; companies are looking for ways to provide timely relevant content that consumers demand to master the omnichannel approach, fully connecting the online, mobile and in-person experience.

Top 5 Key Digital Marketing Trends

digital marketing trends


1.There’s Shift In Social Media Spending

Companies are looking at social media not just for brand building but; for acquisition and performance media.

79 % of companies surveyed that they will spend more in 2018 on social media marketing. Although 67% said they will use email marketing and driving mobile conversion as a way to get more customers. And random 12% of the largest brands reported they will keep their budgets exactly the same as 2017.

In the past, digital marketers were putting aside a social budget for brand building. But companies are keen to put more investment on social media because they can see a return on investment.

2.Creating Brand Awareness

Although sales revenue and new customer growth remain important, therefore; there is a growing trend among companies which says that brand awareness is their focus to evaluate success of marketing centered around deals and offers.

Companies are investing in loyalty, personalization and technology to differentiate themselves from the competition because they are aware of the importance of brand reputation when a consumer is choosing the brand next door.

3. Offering Mobile Checkout

Top of mind for companies today is tackling the challenges with mobile web checkout and making sure brands can improve the experience for their customers.

The survey revealed that mobile will be a key area for companies which are looking to positively affect sales growth and offer consumers the smartphone shopping experience they are looking for.

Those retailers with an in-store presence, in-store cash back offers and card-linked offers rank high, with more than half 55% planning to test these tactics with this digital marketing trend and henceforth.

4. Mobile Marketing To Drive More Sales

Marketers are investing more in mobile marketing to help drive in-store sales. This is a result of the increased opportunities of having mobile marketing impact all digital and in-store channels.

73% of the companies surveyed use mobile marketing to drive in-store sales, followed by 82% using it for mobile app sales and 93% using mobile marketing for online sales growth. Additionally; 50% of marketers confessed that their mobile marketing team falls under digital marketing within their organization.

Mobile marketing is influencing all channels because today’s consumers are making their buying decisions on mobile devices.

5. Getting An App Has Become Ever Important

Nearly 9 in 10 companies said their brand will partner in some capacity with websites or apps focused on promotions, deals and loyalty. Hence; most of the companies surveyed that 62 % prefer to work with comprehensive deal and website apps. This is followed by cash-back only platforms 53% and loyalty specific apps 50%

Therefore; companies are seeing the more return from general deal websites and apps through this digital marketing trends, driving brand awareness and revenue through a variety of channels.

6. More Deals & Promotions

Promotions and deals will be critical when it comes to increasing revenue and loyalty among customers.

76 % of the companies plans to increase the promotions they offer in 2018, becoming more strategic in how they play in the promotions space and working with partners to better measure the success of their promotions across channels.

Increasing sales revenue is a top indicator for success. Therefore; it is ranked most often as a determining factor of the promotions that brands offer to consumer. About 56%, followed by new customer growth 55% and brand awareness 50%.

Retailers that believe that engaging lapsed customers is a low priority are missing the opportunity. Deals can be a valuable marketing tool for re-engaging a customer with a particular brand and often will redirect the consumer’s shopping journey back to the retailer – resulting in a sale.

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