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Top 6 Key Digital Marketing Trends To Dominate The Future

Google never stands still, so neither does digital marketing. The changing landscape of digital marketing trends and market means your audience is not only growing with each technological advance, but is also becoming more and more reachable. Some of these are new digital marketing marketing trends, as you’ll see, have been stirring up for quite […]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Newsletter Bounce – How To Fix Them

“My newsletter bounce rate have increased” ….. My subscribers number has been dropped. Where did they all go?” Business Newsletter bounce rate is a common problem, but very few are taking interest in taking care of the same. Bounce email addresses is not a good sign for your business.  While this may seem puzzling at […]

Top 5 Things To Know About Email Marketing Practices Under GDPR

The new general data protection regulation has a direct impact on Email Marketing Practices marketing practices. With GDPR now effective from May 2018 , the marketers concerned about their email marketing practices under GDPR consent. We happen to gather precious information for you when it comes to email marketing practices. Let our guide help you […]

Increase Email Response Rate | Newsletter Design For More Conversions

Although images and layout are important, the written content is the biggest factor in whether or not your email newsletter will see an increased email response rate. You know emailing your list regularly and not only when you have something to sell will help your business grow in the long term but you didn’t publish […]

Email Subject Lines | Top 7 Email Subject Lines To Get 100% Conversions

Email subject lines…….does it matter??? Yes, they play a crucial role in attracting your readers to open your newsletters. Subject lines make or break your email campaign. They can make or break your business Why Write Catchy Email Subject Lines? Our inboxes are overloaded with lots of emails everyday pitching their services/products. From prospects to […]

Email Testing Tools| 5 Best Email Testing Tools Premium & Free Services

Sending emails without testing can completely ruin your campaign and even damage your subscription base!! There are many premium as well as free email testing tools  which can help you with testing your SPAM score as well as to know whether you are emails are getting delivered and opened accordingly. Sending emails without testing can […]

Email Campaign Design – The Importance Of Designs In Email Campaigns

First impression may not be the last impression when it comes to email marketing, but it always matters—primarily because; the user behavior indicates that the maximum chance of emails being opened is only once. So; what it takes which ensures maximum click open rates of your business emails? – Email Campaign Design Why Email Campaign […]

Email Marketing and Email Marketing Automation Are Two Different Things

Many entrepreneurs understands that Email marketing and Email marketing automation are the same thing. No!! They are not. Email marketing is not same as Marketing Automation. Email marketing can be automated with a marketing automation tool. Confused???  Many businesses are under the impression that “email marketing automation” is just vendor speak for “email marketing”.  Email marketing […]

Increase Email Subscribers – Do’s And Don’ts of Email Marketing Designs

I want to increase email subscribers for my business … Are you looking to increase your contact database? Well, every entrepreneur wants to. Email marketing campaigns can help you increase your email subscribers, more conversions hence, more revenue.  Emails like we all know are crucial for business. Communicating with your customers, email marketing is one […]

Top 5 Email Marketing Strategies That Generates More Leads

Years after years emails were supposed to be out dated, suffocating beneath a pile of tweets and status updates, the medium continues to stay alive. Email Marketing one of the most widely online marketing practice for various businesses in every segment. Implementing effective email marketing strategies you are sure to boost your conversion hence, turning […]