7 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Preventing You From Generating Leads

July 24, 2018

7 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Preventing You From Generating Leads

Having hard time in generating leads? No leads, no conversions?? Your business revenues are affected and probably like other entrepreneurs you are unable to understand what is going wrong!! Perhaps, your landing page is not designed for higher conversions. Hence, it is saddening to see that businesses could have a lot more conversions if they weren’t making these landing page mistakes

Learn how to create an elegant, effective landing page design that gives that “WOW FACTOR” to your viewer without overdoing it.

Here are 7 landing page mistakes to avoid to get that WOW FACTOR.

7 Landing Page Mistakes And How You Can Easily Fix Them

1.Your Landing Page Headline Is Not Good

Landing page headline – Perhaps one of the most common landing page mistakes that marketers do.

So, what happens when visitors see your ad. They click an ad immediately having few “expectations” of what they want see on the page that follows the click of the ad. Hence; your landing page headline isn’t the continuation of your PPC ad.

We make you understand by an example here:

Landing page mistakes


2. Your Landing Page Is Neglecting Buyer’s Interest

So; the most obvious way to tackle this landing page mistakes is using trust factors like testimonials, feedback, customer reviews, industry awards and other forms of 3rd party feedback which give users their seal of approval.

Furthermore, you can provide guarantees over common concerns – for example:

  • Money-back guarantee
  • No credit card details required

So; identify what concerns each of your target audiences will have with your conversion goals furthermore; try to be assuring through your landing page content.

3. Your Landing Page Has A Cluttered Design

68% of landing pages contain multiple offers. Even worse?

Only 15% of landing pages are free of navigation bars.

Why is that bad? Hence, when landing pages are focused and have the complex navigation removed, companies can see a 100% improvement.

Browse any list of the top resources on good landing page examples, they’re all clean, well-organized, and clutter free. Certainly; they’re laser-focused on one action, making sure people know exactly what to do on each page.

4.Slow Loading Time Of Your Landing Page

Loading times of your landing pages is one of the most important things that you need to frequently check. Page speed is a ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm furthermore; determining whether your PPC landing page ads show and where they appear on the page.

Keeping on top of loading times needs to be one of your priorities and this involves a number of key factors:

  • Use a fast hosting provider
  • Keep your web code clean
  • Sign up to a content delivery network
  • Use web caching
  • Regular speed tests
  • Minimize server requests
  • Image optimization
  • Minimize page redirects

5. The Landing Page CTA Is In The Wrong Place

While people do scroll below the fold, 80% of their time is spent looking at information above the fold.

Your PPC ad which is barely 300 words, explained everything—from A to Z. However, your landing page isn’t clicked? Why? People don’t read your landing pages. Period.

Placing the CTA at the end of a long block of text, even more hoping that people would take in every word you wrote is madness.

While people do scroll below the fold, 80% of their time is spent looking at information above the fold. So; avoid this landing page mistakes – Place your first CTA in the first fold of the page.

6. Your Landing Page Coloring Has Gone All Wrong

This common mistake is made by everyone who loves color.

They want to use more colors to create a certain mood however; they eventually end up with a crazy landing page design that dazzles the user but distracts their attention from the message.

landing page mistakes sme networks


Sometimes color can even overshadow the whole intention of designing the landing page
“I want bright text on a bright background!
– But the text won’t be visible!
– Well, we can always add a red stroke!!!

So; have you ever noticed that many successful companies use only a few basic colors on their landing pages?

7.Unexpected Sounds & Sudden Pop-ups

Recognize this situation? You’re sitting quietly in your office, working on your laptop, and all of a sudden there comes a disgusting harsh sound. Even more, you’re trying madly to close the tab as soon as possible. Even more, it happens the pop-up doesn’t go unless you fill in the details..well that’s rude.

So; avoid these landing page mistakes which makes you feel embarrassed thinking how other would feel.

What Are The Key Takeaways Of High Converting Landing Page?

  • Always remember the main message that you want to convey
  • Highlight the main things, and try not to distract the users
  • Clean, minimal design, simple colors, and a clear concept will always be on trend
  • When choosing a design, look to the user, not to yourself
  • Furthermore; don’t brag about your services/products
  • Moreover; if you’re afraid to become a victim of your own preferences in style, hire a professional help. Furthermore, they help you create a beautiful picture and make it “sell.”

Looking For High Converting Landing Page Design & Development Services?

SME Networks focuses on all development services connected with online campaigns, internet marketing support services. Furthermore, we also provide landing page development services.

Hence, our digital marketing team can produce high yielding landing pages for any kind of internet marketing campaigns.

We have dedicated development team to create suitable responsive landing page templates and designs suitable for your business. Even more, there are certain design criteria for development of a landing page for different types of business categories.

Get in touch with us for your next landing page development requirements. Furthermore, we would be more than happy to give you the best of both worlds – affordable landing page development cost and awesome landing page that converts. 


July 24, 2018

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